All You Need to Know About Roof Maintenance and Repairs

A roof is an essential but often neglected part of your house. A good roof should protect your house against the entry of draught, dust particles, flying debris, animals, rain, and snow. The roof should also offer adequate security against burglars. A robust functional roof increases your home’s resale value. A professional roofing company can help you make roof inspections, repair cost estimates, and do the actual work of fixing the roof.

How Do You Know that Your Roof Needs Repair?

A qualified contractor should do regular inspections of your roof. The findings should alert you to roofing issues that need fixing. Signs that your roof needs fixing include:

 Missing or curled up shingles.

Damaged roof flashing.

 Light getting into the house through loose or damaged roof boards.

 Soft, yielding roof boards indicating rot or leakage.

 Roof covered with lichens which interfere with water drainage.

 Debris like granules, dust, and plant remains in the gutters.

 A sagging roof which could indicate underlying problems with the structure of the house.

 Watermarks, mold, and dripping water.

 Roofs with more than two layers.

 Decomposing underlay.

 Roofs that are more than two decades old given that a roof has an average lifespan of twenty-five years.

What to Do When Your Roof is damaged?

Roof damage can be sudden and unexpected. The damage can be due to strong wind, objects like trees, and snow falling on the roof or a violent storm. When your roof is damaged, it is vital to cover the broken section with a tarpaulin to prevent more damage. Inform your insurance company as soon as possible about the damage. Get a roof repair or replacement estimate from qualified roofers. File your claim with the insurance company. Do not present more than one roofing estimate to your insurer, as they will honor the lowest estimate, which might not be the best. Additionally, check out for any insurance company discounts if you choose to use durable materials.

What You Need to Know When Filing a Roofing Claim with Your Insurer

You need to get the insurance claim right for the repair work to proceed smoothly. You should, therefore, not hurry the process. Understanding what your insurance provider covers as far as roof damage is concerned is essential. Before filing the claim, get a reputable roofing contractor to assess the damage and provide a cost estimate for repair work. Note that the damage might not be on the roof only, it could be on other parts of the house. The cost estimates should be written down on the repair company’s branded stationery. Keep a record of all the evidence of any communication with the insurance company to prevent future complications.

How to Hire the Best Roofing Contractor

Repair work on your roof should be done professionally by skilled roofers. The process of finding a reputable company to repair your roof can be complicated. When looking for a professional roofing company for your roof repair needs, follow the guidelines below:

Choose an established local company

A company from your area will be familiar with the rules and regulations of your state. An established company will have more skilled personnel who will do the roof work. The company will also have enough personnel, the tools, materials, and machinery to do the work.

Get online reviews made about the company.

Do online research about the contractors and study the reviews made about the company. Complement the reviews with recommendations from its customers in the community.

Licensing and insurance

Get a copy of the license and search for its validity. The company should also have up to date insurance for all its crew. Confirm the insurance details with the insurance provider. Avoid a company that requests you to ignore the insurance deductible.

Question everything

Important questions that you need to ask your contractor include: Whether the costing includes tax; what happens to unused materials like shingles; what happens if the actual damage is more than the initial assessment; safety track record; get to know their warranty; what guarantees expect. All your questions should be answered satisfactorily and in a professional manner.

Provide a comprehensive roofing cost estimate

A reputable company should provide all payment information; time expected to complete the project; any additional costs like hiring equipment; a list of everything to be done; details of insurance and license; and exit details for each party.

In conclusion, repairing a roof is an expensive venture. Proper planning for the process is therefore necessary. Regular inspection of the roof at least twice a year should be done to facilitate routine maintenance. Keep in mind that the most opportune time to identify a professional contractor for your roof maintenance and repair needs is before the damage is done.